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     Recently, June 24, 2017 at Military Theater - HCMC, ANOVA Joint Venture Company was honored to attend the international conference and the International Certified Award Ceremony of QUALITY ASSURANCE - QAS 2017 (TOP for business excellence)

     The program aims to recognize companies applying and practice good "Quality Assurance Process - QAS", improve productivity, contribute to creativity and innovation in product creation and supply services. This activity emphasizes that companies know how to create advantages in competition with quality; Business innovation through the application, maintenance and continuous improvement of the advanced management system in the world. Toward improvement productivity, quality and sustainable development.

      The 2017 QAS certificate is the most objective evidence for independent assessment from third parties, approved Code of recognition: 025 / QAS / 2017 from Global GTA Global Trade Association (United Kingdom) www.Globalgta.com and is controlled quality from Inter Conformity International Certification Organization (Germany, EU) - www.Interconformity.com for two products of Veterinary and Aqua Medicines under brand name ANOVA.

    In order to achieve the 2017 QAS certification, ANOVA Company must ensure Good Practice of Management Process (GMP) at the enterprise and meet 5 core criteria: (1) Input control; (2) Innovation capacity; (3) Exclusive brand; (4) Quality assurance policy; (5) Management by process.

      The honor of obtaining an independent international certification "QUALITY ASSURANCE - QAS 2017" ANOVA Company will continue to affirm its quality and brand on the path of international economic integration. We are committed to provide our customers with reputable, quality and reliable products, through the application of international quality assurance procedures, we always maintain and apply improve enterprise system towards sustainable development.

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