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COMPOSITION: Per liter contains:
Sulfadiazine sodium, Trimethoprim.

- SILVA 54 is a antibiotic combination product used for prevention and treatment of bacterial ---infections as follows:
- Intestinal diseases.
- Tail rot disease, necrosis of appendages
- Luminescent diseases.
- Red gill and damaged appendage diseases.

Prevention: 1ml per kg of feed, twice a day during 2 days. Once every 2 weeks.
Treatment: 2ml per kg of feed, twice a day during 5 consecutive days.

Dilute SILVA 54 into a small volume of water, mix thoroughly with the shrimp feed and keep in shaded place for 30 minutes. Coat the prepared feed with DAU MUC ANOVA or ANOVA-LECITHIN before feeding to enhance SILVA 54 efficiency.
Shake well before use
Withdraw time before harvest: 07 days

STORAGE: In a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight
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