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NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Each 1kg contains :        
Digestible Energy (min)                       Cu (max)
Protein (min)                                           Zinc (max)
Lysine (min)                                            Iron (max)
Methionine + cysteine (min)                 Cobalt (max)
Threonine (min)                                      Iodine (max)
Tryptophane (min)                                  Selenium (min)
Fat (max)                                                  Vitamin E (min)
Calcium (max)                                        Antibiotics, hormon..........none
Phospho (max)                                      Vitamins B (min)
Moisture (max)                                       Enzymes, electrolytes and minerals.

  • SUPER MILK is mainly produced from milk powder, milky products, processed starch, enzyme-processed vegetable proteins, Lactose sugar in combination with 8 types of minerals, 13 types of vitamins with well-balanced ration. Amino acids and micro-minerals, essential vitamins supply adequate nutrition needs for young piglets, goat, lamps during nursing and weaning period
  • SUPER MILK is digest and absorbed well through small intestine.  
  • Supplemental milk formula for nursing young piglets, goat, lamps.
  • Supplemental source of milk for young animal when lactating animal’s milk is deficient or in the presence of a big number of young animals in the litter, or no presence of lactating animal.
  • Improve the feed quality and feed conversion during post-weaning period.   
- Piglet, young goat, lambs during weaning period: Mix 100g with 100-200ml of clean water, then feed or suckle for 4-5 times/ day.
- Post-weaning to 40 days-old piglets: Mix 1kg SUPER MILK with 10kg of feed.
- 40-60 days-old piglets: Mix1kg of SUPER MILK with 25kg of feed.
STORAGE: in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.
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