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FORMULATION: Per 100mL contains
Spectinomycine HCl, Colistin sulfate .

- For the prevention and treatment of intestinal infections in piglets, calves, young goats, lambs: scours, yellowish diarrhea, haemorrhagic diarrhea caused by E.coli, salmonella, clostridium.

+ Piglets under 5kg: 1 mL per head.
+ Piglets over 5kg: 2 mL per head.
+ Calves: 10-20 mL per head.
+ Goats, lambs: 2-3 mL per head.
For oral administration, twice a day for 3-4 consecutive days.

RECOMMENDATION: 1 pump stroke is equivalent to 0,5mL.

STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.
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