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Glutaraldehyde, Dimethyl Alkylbenzyl C12-C14-C16 Ammonium chloride, Inert ingredients,
Other Substances.

AVAXIDE is higly effective against almost pathogens in fish:
Virus: Haemorrhagic septicemia virus, haematopoietic necrosis virus, channel catfish virus, lymphocytis diseases virus, Turbot herpes virus, snakehead rhabdo virus
Bacteria: Aeromonas, vibrio, pseudomonas, yersinia, Edwardsiella, Pasteurella, cytophaga, streptococcus, Mycobacterium, clostridium, chlamidia and Ricketsia
Protozoa: Ichthyobrdo spp, cryptobia spp, Oodinium spp, Trichodini spp and ect
Deodorizes the bad odor of mud pond, clarifies pond water.

Disinfect nursery tank and rearing facilities with the following dosage 6ml/m3 of water. Soak them in the solution for 10 hours to and then wash them with water.
Disinfect during rearing process:
Cage: 100 ml/50-70 m3 of water.
Nursery ponds: 100ml/100 m3 of pond water.

STORAGE: In a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.
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