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Social activities & Customers care services

Anova J.V Company frequently holds seminars or workshops with the presentation of Dr.Nguyen Nhu Pho- Professor of Agriculture and Forestry University on the prevention and treatment of diseases on Poultry, Cattle, Fish and Shrimps and answering questions of animal raisers regarding common problems in animal husbandry and aquaculture.
Anova also participates in the game show “Overcome yourself” on HTV7 Television channel in order to help the poors overcome their hardship and get better themselves.
The Customer Care Department periodically sends Sales Promotion Program, New Technical Documents and put up advertisements of Anova’s products in Newspapers, on Radio and Television to help farmers know thoroughly and put their faith in Anova products. The Company usually holds sales festivals to attract and introduce Anova products directly to farmers.
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ANOVA EXHIBITION 2017 28/02/2017
In the development plan and the local market as well as exported in 2017, Anova Joint Venture Company Limited (ANOVA) to participate in international fairs for promotion are as follows