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Manufacturing technology & Facilities

Anova is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in veterinary and aquaculture pharmaceutical technology. All the manufacturing processes strictly follow the quality standards of WHO-GMP management system.
All the stages of  research, manufacturing and packaging follow the most advanced and safest requirements in the world and are strictly controlled by the Quality Control Department.

Anova has 7 lines of medicine production, which are professional and most advanced in the world. Each line in exclusively designed for the production of each kind of products to prevent the cross-contamination.
ANOVA’s laboratory meets international standards with high-tech testing equipment imported from the U.S and European countries. Furthermore, and the analytical methods are validated according to ISO IEC/17025 requirements. Anova is always ready to launch the high-quality products in accordance with “Ecological safety” standards.
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ANOVA EXHIBITION 2017 28/02/2017
In the development plan and the local market as well as exported in 2017, Anova Joint Venture Company Limited (ANOVA) to participate in international fairs for promotion are as follows